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The TD-COF Discomatic

This page includes facts and photos about the Gerinvex TD-COF Discomatic. If you arrived here via the models page you'll know that my theory on the model name is from the French description 'Tourne-Disque COFfre', indicating that the TD-COF was a 'turntable' (no amplification included) and was in a wooden case.

TD-COF, the hi-fi Discomatic?

The TD-COF comprised a Gerinvex 80-play mechanism that was mounted in a stylish wooden box.

The pickup cartridge was connected directly to the signal outputs for connection to a separate amplifier, generally in a hi-fi sound system.

The TD-COF could therefore hold a selection of records to be played through the owners' hi-fi system.

Here's a brochure page with a great photo of the TD-COF and matching speaker (from the Jeff Osgood collection).

TD-COF brochure
TD-COF brochure

How popular was the TD-COF Discomatic?

As far as I can tell from my serial number records the TD-COF was not a big seller.

I can suggest some likely reasons for that.

The TD-COF appears to have been designed for connection to a hi-fi system. No particular problem with that, but the Discomatic mechanism can only play 45rpm singles. Despite M. Foufounis' dislike of the 12" album, most owners of hi-fi systems would also want to be able to play 12" LP records. This would suggest connection of a single play turntable to the system in addition to the TD-COF. That would make the TD-COF rather a luxury as the main turntable would play both LPs and singles.

In addition, the TD-COF offered no more features than the EL-POR portable Discomatic. The EL-POR also had line outputs that could be connected to a hi-fi system if required.

The matching speaker in the brochure

The brochure photo shows a rather stylish wooden speaker that matches the TD-COF. This must have been a speaker with built-in amplifier to be compatible with the pickup signal from the TD-COF.

A stereo TD-COF with two of these matching speakers would have made a nice system, all in wood veneer. As the speakers are external they could be spaced to give a good stereo image. The only drawback of such a system would be the three mains connections required to power the TD-COF and each speaker separately!

TD-COF lifespan

The TD-COF was apparently made available when the first EL-POR players were introduced. The TD-COF in the brochure photo on this page has an early twist-start mechanism which, if these versions were made, would date it to the same period as the Type A and KB models, the very first of the Discomatics. Availability must have then continued as the Discomatic evolved. This photo of Lemar's TD-COF shows a push start mechanism and a later 'AL' serial number' which are features of later model EL-PORs.

Later model TD-COF

TD-COF features

These front and back view photos show some of the features of the TD-COF Discomatic.

TD-COF front view
TD-COF front view
TD-COF back view
TD-COF back view

In the front view, the plexiglass (acrylic) cover has been removed to show the interior of the cabinet. The cover just lifts off, there are no hinges.

Also from the front view, there is a cover added at the back, left of the cabinet to conceal and insulate the wiring for the mechanism, pickup and lamp. The fixed striplight illuminating the record scale is controlled by the toggle switch on the back panel.

In the back view, working down from the top, there is the switch for the interior lamp, the mains fuse, the mains power inlet and the pickup signal output cable at the bottom.

Parts sales

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