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Discomatic models

This page sets out to list the different Discomatic models and their variants. There is also a table of features. If you have a Discomatic and are not sure of the model, the table should help you decide.

Gerinvex model naming

So what did the Gerinvex model names mean? All models were covered by the general name Discomatic, but there were different Discomatic versions in the catalogues of the day. The list goes something like this - Type A, TD-ASS, TD-COF, EL-COF, EL-POR, X-100. I've had plenty of time to think about that and have a theory that some of these were French abbreviations.

Non-Gerinvex models

How many other manufacturers adopted the Gerinvex mechanism and made players or jukeboxes based around it? I don't know the answer to that question, but will add any confirmed versions that I come across.

The two I do know of are listed below


In this section I've listed key dates in the model history of the Discomatic models from owner accounts, news items and advertisements.

Table of features

The table below covers some distinguishing features of the portable Discomatic models that I've encountered. If you own a Discomatic you should be able to identify the type from this table.

The EL-POR evolved through at least four design variants over the years it was manufactured. Gerinvex did not identify these as different models, but I have shown each version separately in the table to help with identification.

Check out the EL-POR page for more information about the different build versions shown in the table.

Lid hinges 2 fixed
3 fixed
2 removable
Start control Twist start
Top panel push start
Front panel push start
Button colours Two-tone cream/grey
Cream only
Pickup cartridge Clip-in stylus (mono)
Screw-in stylus (stereo)
End of side adjuster Plastic lever
Metal lever
Mechanism wiring Metal channels at the rear
Wires only, no channels

Parts sales

For parts and accessory sales, Discomatic UK is a trading subsidiary of Ask Stuart Ltd.


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