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About this website

Stuart McGregor

My name is Stuart McGregor and I'm a consultant electronic design engineer and technical writer. I bought and restored two EL-POR Discomatics in 1995 and since then have acquired many more Discomatics and also a Symphomatic. I provide repair, service, parts support and advice for Discomatic owners and restorers.


The site is not affiliated to any Gerinvex company, past or present.


Many people around the world have contributed greatly in building this knowledge base for the Discomatic. Particular thanks must go to -

Jeff Osgood (NH, USA). Jeff has a wonderful collection of EL-POR Discomatics, Discomatic brochures and adverts. His collection includes an example of all four EL-POR versions identified on this site. He has kindly provided many photos and scans of original brochures for inclusion.

Thanks also to Cyril Bilbeaud (France), Mike Edwards (KB Museum, U.K.), Joshua Yvon (France), Lemar Whigham (NJ, USA) and all other enthusiasts I have met for providing information, photos, documentation, research and most of all enthusiasm to help piece together the history of these wonderful machines.


No claims are made for the accuracy of information included on this website. The content has been collected through years of work on various Discomatic players both by Stuart and other contributors, research into original documentation and also from resources such as the Internet.

If you can contribute any additional information for this website please let me know via the Contact page.

Personal safety

Work on antique electronic equipment such as a Discomatic can be dangerous, even lethal and should only be undertaken by qualified, trained electronic engineers. If you are in any doubt about your skills to service a Discomatic, or any other vintage audio product, take it to a professional.

Parts sales

For parts and accessory sales, Discomatic UK is a trading subsidiary of Ask Stuart Ltd.


Site content copyright © Ask Stuart Ltd. 2018